Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LCC Graduate Student Travel Award

If you're a graduate student member of the LCC and will be delivering a paper at the 2014 APA-AIA conference, you might consider applying for an LCC Graduate Student Travel Award!

To apply for the $150 award, students must detail their involvement in the LCC and its mission; demonstrate their financial need; and provide the title of the paper they will be delivering at the APA-AIA. Recipients of the travel award will be expected to provide a brief report on their use of the award for Iris, the blog of the LCC.

Applications should be submitted to LCC Co-Chairs Deborah Kamen ( and Bruce Frier ( by October 31, 2013.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Costume Theme for Chicago

Since 2003 in New Orleans, the LCC has been setting a costume theme for the opening WCC/LCC party. The theme is based on the topic of the LCC's panel (this year: 'Stifling Sexuality?') and on the city where the meetings are held. This year, as a tribute to Chicago and Mrs O'Leary's cow, our costume theme is:* 'Putting Out the Fire (Or Fanning the Flames?).*' The general subject is fire, both literal and metaphorical (but no actual fire, please!), any costume related to the idea of fire. (In a pinch, even cow costumes are acceptable.) There will be prizes! There will be honor!'Leary